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Disclaimer -- The following is a restatement of the disclaimer found in the MGF Bylaws -- Section 10.
The MGF, particularly the MGF Registry, is based on the honesty and integrity of those supplying information.  The MGF will strive to maintain accurate information and operate with the highest ethics.

The MGF Board retains the right to correct information posted by the MGF and in the MGF Registry.  The MGF Board will take any corrective action that it deems necessary in order to maintain the integity and standards of the MGF, ranging from simple corrections of the data base to de-registering animals and even terminating a membership.

The intent of the MGF is that the online Registry data for an animal be the authoritative data on an animal.  Printed certificates are representations of the data in the Registry at the point in time when printed.  Those interested in the data (bloodlines, etc.) on a printed certificate should check the data  versus the information in the online Registry database.  The MGF will make no attempt to update printed certificates.

Neither the MGF nor the MGF Registry will be held responsible for any monetary loss or claim resulting from incorrect information on a printed Certificate or the online MGF Registry or any other form of MGF information or operation.